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The following articles have been accepted for publication after the reviewing process. The texts that are provided are the accepted version before the final publication process.

  • Avner Ash et Darrin Doud. Reducible Galois representations and arithmetic homology for GL(4) Pre-publication version
  • Teodor Banica. The planar algebra of a fixed point subfactor. Pre-publication version
  • Cédric Bonnafé. On the Calogero-Moser space associated with Dihedral groups. Pre-publication version
  • Frédéric Chapoton. Une note sur les intervalles de Tamari. Pre-publication version
  • Salomon Sambou et Souhaibou Sabou. Résolution du \partial\bar{\partial} pour les formes différentielles ayant une valeur au bord au sens des courants dans un domaine étoilé strictement pseudoconvexe de C^n. Pre-publication version
print ISSN : 1259-1734 | eISSN : 2118-7436