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Blaise Pascal
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  • Teodor Banica. Weingarten integration over noncommutative homogeneous spaces.
  • Virginie Bonnaillie-Noël, Frédéric Hérau et Nicolas Raymond. Holomorphic extension of the de Gennes function.
  • Georges Gras. Approche p-adique de la conjecture de Greenberg pour les corps totalement réels.
  • Omar Anza Hafsa, Nicolas Clozeau, Jean-Philippe Mandallena. Homogenization of nonconvex unbounded singular integrals.
  • Eric Duse et Anthony Metcalfe. Universal edge fluctuations of discrete interlaced particle systems.
  • Alain Kraus. Quartic points on the Fermat quintic.
print ISSN : 1259-1734 | eISSN : 2118-7436